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San Francisco

The port of San Francisco functioned well for over a century as, well a port. Now its purpose has run its course and needs a restructuring of land, program, and waterfront as a useful space. Residents of San Francisco are a special type that deviates from the stereotypical Californian. They are friendly, social and widely accept differences. The need for a waterfront space on San Francisco’s East side is paramount. This project aims to push the vertical scale of a relatively flat (building height) city which is already a very dense city (23rd highest in nation) yet has nowhere expand but fill in the bay. This has already been happening as 40% of the original bay has been filled which is very detrimental to it’s health.

The end product, is a celebration of the waterfront space that has been for so long a wasteland to citizens. A reclamation of the bay, waterfront and the social nature that is San Francisco.


UNL 5th Year


Architecture, Rendering