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Be Thankful, Write, Sketch

My way of mindfully settling my anxious brain

There's one thing that has helped me calm over the years when my mind races. It comes from a series of books I was reading years ago that I combined into a template that I can quickly copy and use. It's a hybrid from a few things I was reading and trying to deal with at the time. I find that this and taking walks while listening to calming music (M83) will help calm my mind from anxiously racing and sets me on a better thought process. I save these as journals in a text editor but you could do it on paper and recycle it after. 

The point is to do it free from distraction. It's was helpful for me to set a timer, so I had to do this for say 15-minutes, no phone, or otherwise. Start small, start with 5-minutes and work your way up. If you don't feel better, you can get your money back 😉.

With repetition, it genuinely makes me more gracious and mindful of the good in the world, not just the anxious things.

Please feel free to copy and adapt as you need.

If you're feeling totally lost, help is available for free 24-hours a day online or by phone: 1-800-273-8255